Jean-François Fichot was a French master jeweler and designer whose gifts blossomed in Asia. A resident of Bali for over 30 years before his passing, Jean-François dedicated his life’s work to producing sublime one-of-a-kind objet d’art, inspired by the wild world in which we live and the power of ancient civilizations he encountered along his travels.

In 1978 Bali inspired Jean-François to begin designing and producing his unique masterpieces to share with the world. The materials came from the treasures he collected on his travels; precious or unusual gemstones, antique ivory and glass, fossilized tusk, even beetle wings. Jean-François creations were a combination of his flamboyant imagination, his intelligent design sense and his magnificent sense of play. It was not long before he became internationally renown and his work became sought after by connoisseurs and celebrities.

After Jean-François passing in 2011, his niece, Chloé Rappy, sought to honor his legacy by partnering with artist and jeweler Vanessa Montiel to bring you the new design house that is now JFF. Like Jean-François , Vanessa creates using materials from both the natural and the unseen world, transforming raw elements into luxury talismans. A celebrated artist, her jewelry captures a raw elegance. Her pieces have been featured in Vogue and worn by some of the most beautiful and powerful women on earth. Her woman is free, dynamic and imaginative. Her work is lush, opulent and magical.

Vanessa’s first line with JFF drops this summer. Inspired by the natural world and perfected by human passion, it aligns fully with JFF’s vision and makes it more stunning yet wearable than ever. Working with beetle, rare shells, butterfly wings, precious gems, diamonds and gold, her work like JFF’s, captures and distills that which cannot be seen or held, only imagined and felt. And just like Jean-Francois, she creates work of enduring quality and beauty. This collection is the celebration of a union between two master jewelers past and present.

JFF, as an eco-luxe design house, supports artisanal gold mining in Indonesia and Borneo.



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